With our experience in medical recruitment, and desire to find the best partnerships between doctors and hospitals, there are many reasons to work with Bespoke Medical Solutions. 

Our aim is to cut down locum expenditure, while replacing with stable, permanent doctors.

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At Bespoke Medical Solutions, we have a wealth of experience and expertise in medical recruitment. We focus on permanent and fixed-term placements, and aim to cut down on locum expenditure, without compromising on the quality of doctors within your trust. We use specialised search capabilities to find and carefully vet candidates prior to submission to maintain a standard of excellence that we pride ourselves on.

Our Directors have worked to help set up and lead divisions in various other large agencies around the world. We build up long term partnerships with hospitals and form strategies to for both hard-to-fill vacancies as well as looking at ways for the NHS to make their own employment systems more efficient. Our long term objective as a hospital recruitment partner is to help reduce the excessive locum spend, whilst working hard to find doctors who want to feel part of a team, take part in regular training and progress their careers.



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We work with doctors from all over the world. The demand for highly skilled medical professionals continues to increase, and we understand the pressure and level of expertise required in this constantly shifting market.


We place a huge emphasis on our candidate selection and screening processes. We make sure that we truly understand our candidates, so that we can align your skill sets with the best suited hospitals across the UK and Ireland.

About us

Bespoke Medical Solutions is a growing specialist in fixed-term and permanent medical recruitment.

We fully understand the medical recruitment market, from the qualities of our doctors, all the way through to how to best match them to the needs of our clients. We are focused on delivering highly qualified medical doctors to hospitals across the UK and Ireland.